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You Want to Grow, We Want to Help!


You Want to Grow, We Want to Help! 

The Leads Network LLC Lead Quality and Control

The Leads Network is a niche leads provider in specific markets where businesses  demand the highest quality prospects. Through rigorous quality control procedures TLN has been able to eliminate the biggest headache faced by sales departments needing leads – poor quality, non responsive leads. By putting all of its affiliate suppliers through challenging quality filters, The Leads Network eliminates 90% of those wishing to provide leads “Our clients are extremely demanding and expect the highest quality prospects. They don’t use lists, names. They don’t want to plow through hundreds of calls to get a Yes. TLN clients expect to reach a real person who is a real prospect for their products. And this is exactly what we deliver,”   says Bruce Davidson, CEO of The Leads Network INC.


The meltdown of 2008 left fewer companies standing and those that are cannot afford to waste valuable sales dollars on bogus, non-responsive leads.


Just how detailed is The Leads Network  quality control protocol?
As leads come through our affiliates instead of going out to waiting clients the leads go straight to our call center for verification. All possible issues are identified and feed back provided to the originating affiliate.


Leads not meeting our stringent standards are purged.


This process is repeated 5 times before a Hot, interested prospect is ever delivered to a client.  The result, nearly 90% of the would-be suppliers don’t make the cut. The few that do help TLN to provide the best sales leads in the industry – financial, medical, security.  After 6 years and double digit growth every year, TLN is proud of its track record of delivering the best Prospects in the marketplace.


Good thing since TLN guarantees each and every lead 100%.