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Lead Enhancement, Lead Filtering, Lead Qualification
 Lead filtering and qualification for DME’s and Pharmacies

• Are you buying leads or paying for marketing service that you can’t use?
• Are you working with an off shore call center?
• Are you making doc orders only to find out that the Patient is ineligible?
• Do you have the staff and system needed to properly and effectively police, filter and qualify inbound leads?
• Your staff can spend more time productively making billable Rx orders.

Before you process or pay for your inbound leads TLN will:
1. Check for CMN – how long ago did the Patient receive a brace or meter?
2. Confirm eligibility:
   a. Is the Patient reimbursable?
   b. Can you accept the insurance plan?
   c. Does the Medicare Patient have Part B or Part D as required?
   d. Is the managed care or private pay plan acceptable?
3. Confirm receipt of recording and deliver to your drop box.*
4. Provide detailed daily report on billable and non-billable leads.

Lower your marketing costs.
          Raise your conversion rates.
                   No more wasted lead costs
                            No more wasted Rx chases

Shouldn’t your staff spend more time working productive Patients, close more billable orders?
For over thirteen years TLN has managed Medicare and Managed care marketing campaigns. We have developed the expertise and systems to separate usable, productive Patients from those that will NOT be reimbursable.

How much are you wasting every week on unproductive leads?

If 10% to 20% of your leads are useless what is your cost?
If 5% to 10% of your doc orders are un-reimbursable what is your cost?
What is your lost revenue? 

Find out.  It’s quick and easy as 1,2,3:

How many leads did you receive last month? _____ what did they cost you? $____ total marketing cost.

What percent failed CMN or eligibility _____ % X total marketing cost = total wasted expense (1)$____

What percent of your doc orders last month were not billable due to failed CMN or eligibility? _____
What did it cost you to make these? (2) $ ________
How much revenue did you lose on these? (3) $ _______

Total impact on your bottom line last month, $ ________unnecessary expense and $_______ lost revenue.

How does this compare to our comprehensive service at $3 per lead checked?

Additional Services available: Recording Review
Random recording review – Confirm that your center is following the script and branding your company name 
Medicare and HIPAA compliant marketing agreement.  

Rx completion – TLN is highly experienced in the completion of doctor orders for diabetic supplies and orthotic braces.  Complete, signed RX with check for CMN and eligibility.

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