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You Want to Grow,

We Want to Help!

About The Leads Network

Bruce Davidson founded The Leads Network in 2003 because he couldn’t get decent leads for his insurance agency. The company now specializes in the identification and generation of prospects to the insurance, financial, medical and real estate industries. The Leads Network has been able to help businesses attract more qualified leads by connecting interested consumers with companies that can help them. Most of these “connections”  (leads) are generated in partnership with highly qualified, professional call centers throughout the world. TLN corporate is  based in Covington, LA with sales offices in Arizona, Colorado, Mississippi and Florida.  TLN’s success in lead generation and sales has generated revenues of over $40,000,000 during the past fifteen  years.

Davidson is no stranger to the insurance, financial, medical and real estate businesses. He has a strong background in advertising using national, broadcast media for the medical field, legal market and  insurance services. He prides himself on the strong commitment to customer service and the full accountability to quality control that is practiced at The Leads Network.

Davidson stresses the importance of long-term client satisfaction in the infrastructure of The Leads Network. One of Davidson’s key business objectives is loyalty. This is a concept that he finds essential when working with his clients and lead generation partners. He offers a quality service that is stripped of any advance fees and delivers prospects on a global basis.

Inc. Magazine has recognized The Leads Network as one of the fastest growing private companies in America for the years 2008, 2009, 2010. 

Bruce Davidson


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