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Solar Customer Lead Pricing:

Direct from websites-

* CA = $140 - $160

* All other States = $110

Web Direct Calls

* CA = $130 - $150

* All other States = $80 - $100

Live Transfer w/1minute  buffer= $65



Our inviting landing pages attract qualified and interested homeowners wanting Solar. These self-motivated Solar prospects sent directly and
instantly to you as they complete the form.

No email blasts, no incentivized solicitations. Just interested Solar prospects waiting for your call. These exclusive Solar leads are generated 100% from PPC  search with Google and SN/Bing/Yahoo. Also, we are the USA volume leaders in Solar PPC Google and Bing generated data leads and web calls.

Solar Customer Leads


Solar Customer Lead:

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Phone Number

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Call now to make more sales: 800.300.2780
You Want to Grow, We Want to Help!

Benefits of Our Solar Customer Leads:

- No Advanced Payments

- Not generated thru email blast

- No Incentivized Solicitations

- Very Favorable CPA

- No long term Contracts

- 100% Guaranteed

- Great Customer Service