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Medicare Leads Pricing:

Medicare Leads: $28-40

These Exclusives Diabetic Leads are Available for DME and Pharmacy Clients ONLY.  Due to HIPAA regulations, we are prohibited from selling these as insurance leads.


You Want to Grow, We Want to Help! 

The Leads Network LLC

Delivers High Quality Medicare

Leads to DME's and Pharmacy's.
All Medicare Leads are Permission
Based, Call Center Double Qualified

and HIPAA compliant.
No Compete States are Pre-Excluded.


Other types of Diabetic Leads
The Leads Network provides are
Live Transfer, Long Form,
Short Form and Self Pay. 



  • Real Time 24/7 Delivery
  • Custom Filters
  • Call Center Qualifications
  • 100% Compliant
  • Permission Based
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No Up-Front Cost
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Great Customer Service



Medicare LEAD:

Full Contact Info: Name Address City State & Zip
Phone Number & Time to Call
Birth Date & Gender
Insurance ID
Voice Recording & Quality Control
Doctors Name and Phone Number
Doctors Mailing Address
Doctors NPI
Number of Tests per Day
Primary Insurance Company
Favorite Color
Opt-In Date and Time Stamp